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Free UPS collection at your home/office
UPS will collect your Tamper-Proof EzyKit from your home or office at a date & time that suits you, all at no cost to you including up to $10k of insurance *
* Subject to our terms and conditions, Inc guarantees your items against loss or damage up to $5000. To arrange additional insurance coverage, call us on (855) 752-9555
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Your video appraisal is performed with our Canadian Government certified equipment.

Your numbered tamper-proof bag that you seal yourself will be only be opened on camera.
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Cash for Gold payments can be made by Interac, PayPal or Check, with cash payments available in the GTHA on request.

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We have gold buyers in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, which enables ezygo to get you an EzyKit quickly and efficiently. If your need is urgent, we can even arrange to deliver an EzyKit to you on the same day, and also take it to our lab resulting in your cash for gold payment in just a few hours.

Cash for gold payments (as well as silver, platinum and gems) can be made by Interac, PayPal or Check, with cash payments available in the GTHA on request.
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Please be advised that Inc is subjected to the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laudering) and Terrorist Financing Act, as well as the requirements of the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada FINTRAC ( Please visit their website for any requirements.

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