Hello world - ezygo.com has arrived in Canada

January 1, 2021

One day over lunch in early 2019, we (Daniel & Kasia - the owners of ezygo.com) were discussing how badly Kasias Grandmother had recently been treated when she had to sell her old gold jewellery in Mississauga. She estimated that she was paid less than half of what her Gold was worth, but at that time she desperately needed some extra cash urgently. 

And then we both recounted how in bad times in our earlier life, we had also experienced feeling completely ripped off when we had to sell our Gold at times of personal financial strain. It happens to many of us, and we were no exception.

That was the day that we decided that there had to be a better way for people to sell their Gold, Silver and Platinum jewellery and bullion, which is why we created ezygo.com that takes on the scammy tactics in this industry.

Our motto was to never use words like "Top Dollar Paid", or "Highest Payouts Guaranteed", and instead create a completely transparent solution for our customers.

The main features of ezygo are:

  • Our payouts are advertised up-front, so you know what to expect to be paid
  • We use very expensive  non-destructive XRF spectrometers to confirm the purity of your metals, which do not harm your precious items with acid and scratch tests
  • Our scales are all certified by measurements Canada, so you know that what we measure will be accurate to 0.0001 of a gram
  • Our EzyKits offer 4-layers of security, which includes $1000 of insurance that goes up to $10,000 on request
  • We've organised for UPS to collect your EzyKit from your home or office, at no cost to you (and since COVID started, this makes the whole process touchless for you)

On behalf of our team at ezygo, we look forward to serving our fellow Canadians with this new platform for people wishing to be given a truly transparent solution for your "Cash for Gold" needs

Much love

Kasia & Daniel