Top 5 Cash for Gold Scams in Canada, and how to avoid them

The reason we decided to start EzyGo in Canada was several members of our family got ripped off by unscrupulous gold buyers practicing various Cash for Gold Scams.
This not only included our Great Grandmother who got stuck with some large unexpected bills, but it also happened to me and my wife in the early part of our marriage.

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How to sell Gold in Canada safely during COVID-19

COVID-19 has up-ended almost every industry, and the “Cash for Gold” industry has been particularly hard hit with extended periods of closures for both pawnbrokers, jewellers and gold buyers and dealers stores.

That means literally every storefront gold buyer has taken an enormous hit to their operating budgets, as their on-going overheads to maintain these operations continues to grow unabated.

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Cash for Gold Toronto - Sell Gold & Forget the Pawnshops

You have some gold or silver, and you’re thinking “where can I sell gold in Toronto?” What is the best Cash for Gold Toronto service?
The next question when you’ve decided that you want to sell your Gold, Silver, or Platinum jewelry is “how much money can I get to sell my gold?”
But what you really need to know is “how do I get paid as much as possible for my gold, with as little drama as possible here in Toronto?

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Cash for Gold Scarborough - Selling Gold Safely

You’ve decided to sell some of your old jewelry or bullion, and you’re now looking for a cash for gold Scarborough gold buyer who you can trust to pay you the highest amount possible for your precious metals and do so in a completely safe environment for both your personal security and your health.

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Cash for Gold Mississauga to Brampton & Hamilton - West GTHA

Are you looking for a good Cash for Gold Mississauga service? EzyGo offers a fast, secure and convenient way to exchange your gold, we buy your precious items for the best price around.

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Cash for Gold North York, Markham and Vaughan - Gold buyer

Our transparent, safe and secure Cash for Gold North York gold buyer services to sell gold covers the northern GTA neighbourhoods as far north as Newmarket, and East to Whitchurch-Stouffville, and west to both Richmond Hill and Vaughan

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How to correctly pack your EzyKit

We've made it super easy, and incredibly safe for you to send your precious items to us via UPS. Our EzyKits offer 4-layers of protection being: 1) A numbered Tamper-Proof bag as used by the banks. 2) A bubble wrap envelope to protect your items. 3) A UPS envelope that doesn't let anyone know what's […]

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Hello world - has arrived in Canada

One day over lunch in early 2019, we (Daniel & Kasia - the owners of were discussing how badly Kasias Grandmother had recently been treated when she had to sell her old gold jewellery in Mississauga. She estimated that she was paid less than half of what her Gold was worth, but at that […]

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