How to sell Gold in Canada safely during COVID-19

COVID-19 has up-ended almost every industry, and the “Cash for Gold” industry has been particularly hard hit with extended periods of closures for both pawnbrokers, jewellers and gold buyers and dealers stores.

That means literally every storefront gold buyer has taken an enormous hit to their operating budgets, as their on-going overheads to maintain these operations continues to grow unabated.

And it's now that you’ve decided that you want to sell some of your precious metals during this difficult time, and now you have one of two choices to make:

Option # 1 - Go to a Shop - as usual

Do you go into a storefront (when that store isn’t in lockdown), knowing that the owner is probably losing a significant amount of money every day? And, are you prepared to sit in a shop with other folks whilst you get your items appraised?

Option # 2 - No overhead solutions

Online “Cash for Gold” operations are more prevalent in other countries, especially in the United States where this method of selling precious metals is the dominant model as the payouts are much higher because there are no large overheads to maintain a large number of shops

Here in Canada most people still prefer to walk into a shop and do a deal than to go online, so we created a whole new method of selling your gold, silver and or platinum in a totally transparent way, that is also completely safe for your health and the health of your pocket

We at ezygo have created a model with our partners at UPS where they will pick up your items from your home or business in a tamper-proof container which is also fully insured (all costs are paid by ezygo) and bring them to us for an appraisal which is all conducted by video for you to watch from your phone, computer or TV.

We believe that our UPS option is the safest method for you to use during the COVID crisis, and you get the extra benefit of getting access to our very high payouts which we can deliver because we DO NOT need to pay for a pile of shops for you to pay for.

If you want to see all your options when you’re ready to sell Gold during COVID-19, please visit our websites HomePage

Option # 3 - A new way in the GTHA - Mobile Service

And then we created option number 3. A complete mobile service for the Toronto GTHA, where our appraisers come to your door at a time and place that is convenient for you.

We have two systems in place to react quickly to both the status of each lockdown and the type of building you ask us to attend

Plan 1 (Lesser restrictions) = we can come into your property with our equipment, and do the appraisal so long as everyone wears masks and no one comes within ten (10) feet of our appraiser. We cannot enter a building if our appraiser is asked to be in a lift or common area with other people. Typically we only offer plan 2 to folks who live in Condos for example

Plan 2 (Full Lockdown) = We will only conduct the appraisal in one of our vans, and we can send you a video if requested of the appraisal

Our appraisal vans are fitted with XRF spectrometers to check the purity of your metals, as well as highly accurate scales and other tools for conducting an appraisal for you

Also please be advised that our appraisers never carry cash or precious metals with them.
Please feel free to contact our customer care staff to find the right COVIF friendly solution for you. Just fill in our online form, or email us, or call us 24/7 on (855) 752-9555.