Cash for Gold Scarborough - Selling Gold Safely

You’ve decided to sell some of your old jewellery or bullion, and you’re now looking for a cash for gold Scarborough gold buyer who you can trust to pay you the highest amount possible for your precious metals and do so in a completely safe environment for both your personal security and your health.

Let's now look at the whole cash for a gold business model in stores.

Getting paid the most for your gold, silver, or platinum

Cash for gold Scarborough stores that you may find in strip malls or shopping centers has huge overheads that have to be paid for. And that cost has to be passed onto you, which is why any payout you can expect to receive will be significantly less than what you can receive from

To see how high our payouts are because we do not carry those overheads as we pass the savings onto you, please visit our Payouts page where we publish all our payout rates for jewellery and bullion, so you know up-front what to expect from us.

Cash for gold Scarborough - Health & Safety

Whether you find a store in Ajax or Whitby, or any other area east of Toronto, one must consider the risks today of visiting cash for gold storefronts for both security and health needs

When you walk into one of these cash for gold Scarborough stores, you are advertising to anyone watching that you have just entered a store with precious metals or gemstones, and you could just as likely walk back out with a pile of cash. If you decide to go ahead with this plan, at least ask them to pay you by check or Interac or some other digital method like BitCoin or other Cryptocurrencies.

Covid-19 Info: For further information on our COVID safe solutions, please visit our article on this issue here.

EzyGo Safety Solutions

When you instead choose to be your precious metals buyer of choice, we not only offer extremely high payouts compared to our cash for gold Scarborough storefront competitors, but we also provide you with a solution that is both safe for your security and for your health, whilst also being secure for your items as well

To see our full Cash for Gold Scarborough services, or in other neighbourhoods like Ajax, Oshawa, Whitby, or Pickering, please visit our websites HomePage

What are my options with

In the neighbourhoods east of Toronto such as Scarborough, Whitby, Pickering, Ajax, and Oshawa, EzyGo is pleased to offer two unique cash for gold Scarborough services that protect your security, prevent you from exposing yourself to any health issues, and further offer you payouts that are much higher than the industry standards. These two options are:

UPS collection service

We organize UPS to collect your items from your house, apartment, condo, shop, or office (basically any type of property) at a time that suits your needs. Your items are packed in a tamper-proof container which is fully insured and transported back to our lab overnight. After we receive your items, we appraise them on video for you to watch, and then give you an offer in your personal dashboard. See the

Mobile cash for gold Scarborough Service

If you need to be paid fast, and you have a few items to sell, then we offer a mobile service where we come to your property and conduct an on-site appraisal. This service is carried out in our van, so it is 100% COVID safe for you. Payouts for the mobile service are slightly lower, and you can see those rates here

Click this link to get more info on our mobile cash for gold service.

Understanding Karats to sell Gold

Karats identifies the purity of your gold with a number divided by 24. So 14 Karat gold (14Kt) is 14/24, or in other words, 14 parts gold and 10 parts other metals. The purity of silver and platinum is measured in fineness, which is shown as .9999.

The Most common Karat seen in gold Jewellery is 14 Karats, as this gives your piece that wonderful golden sheen you're looking for at a special price of jewellery, as well as the strength, needed to make it last a very long time.

You see, 24 Karat gold is very soft and it can be damaged quite easily with normal day-to-day use. That is why it's almost no gold jewellery is made of 24 Karats.

The highest Karat count for gold jewellery you will typically see is 21 Karat gold, as it has the most robust yellow color you could ever want, together with better strength for durability and wear and tear. Of course, 21 Kt gold is 21 parts gold and 3 parts other metals. In 21 Karat gold, the other metals have to be strong enough to keep the piece looking good for the long haul.

EzyGo Cash for gold Scarborough service

Please check out our FAQ to answer all your Cash for Gold Scarborough questions, especially if you need any further information on any specific subject like insurance, shipping, or our mobile cash for gold Scarborough service.

Please feel free to contact our customer care staff to find the right solution for you. Just fill in our online form, or email us, or call us 24/7 at (855) 752-9555.