Frequently Asked Questions


Understanding our Payouts
Ezygo pays 80% of the value of 24Kt gold. But you're probably wondering why we pay only 60% for 18Kt gold. This is because 18Kt contains 18/24 of gold (or 75%), so the calculation looks like this. 75% of 80% = 60%. Or in simple terms, you still get 80% of the actual amount of gold in your item.
Why our payouts are better ?
So what many of our competitors do is this. Show a higher payout for 24Kt gold, but give a lower price per gram for lesser karats. Most gold jewellery is made of 10Kt, and many of our competitors have payouts that are around 30%. The ezygo payout percentage for 10Kt gold we offer is 33.34%.
What makes my Jewellery "Premium"?
When we receive any jewellery that is obviously of much higher quality, we regularly deem these pieces as "premium" and we offer the much higher payout

Examples of premium jewellery include:
     - Harry Winston
     - Tiffany
     - Cartier
     - Chopard
     - Van Cleef & Arpels
     - plus quality vintage pieces

What we buy

What we Buy?
     - Gold Jewellery (Premium Pieces)
     - Gold Jewellery
     - Gold Bullion - Bars
     - Gold Bullion - Coins
     - Dental Gold
     - Broken Gold
     - Gold Nuggets *

     - Silver Jewellery (Premium Pieces)
     - Silver Jewellery
     - Silver Bullion - Bars
     - Silver Bullion - Coins
     - Broken Silver
     - Silver Cutlery and Tea Sets

     - Platinum Jewellery (Premium Pieces)
     - Platinum Jewellery
     - Platinum Bullion - Bars
     - Platinum Bullion - Coins
     - Broken Platinum

     - Gemstones that are set in Jewellery (no loose stones)

If you have something that you think we would be interested in, please complete our form and one of our agents will call you back.

* Final Prices for Gold Nuggets are based on a number of factors, and we may offer a much lower amount due to contaminants. Ezygo is also unable to purchase any nuggets that contain radioactive elements.
What we don't buy?
     - Gold Plated Items
     - Watches
     - Computer Parts
     - Catalytic Converters
     - Costume Jewelry
     - Gold & Silver Plated Items
     - Rocks
     - Platinum Flake
     - Jewellers polishing dust
     - PT Labware
     - Platinum Catheters
     - Electrophoresis Electrodes
     - Loose Uncertified Gemstones
Do you buy Gold or Silver or Platinum Coins?
Absolutely we do, and we believe we offer very competitive rates - See our payout tables.
Do you buy Gold or Silver or Platinum Bars?
Absolutely we do, and we believe we offer very competitive rates - See our payout tables.
Do you buy Broken Jewelry?
100% Yes
Do you buy Diamonds?
Ezygo will give you an offer for your diamonds. If your items contain diamonds, we will have them appraised and offer you our most competitive price. Your payout will depend upon the quality, colour and carat of your diamond/s. Ezygo does not offer a stone removal service unless the stone is in a prong setting. Click here to see a prong setting.
Do you buy Gemstones?
Ezygo does not buy loose gemstones, but we do make offers for gemstones when they are set inside an item with a Prong setting. Our gemstone rates are based on wholesale market rates. Ezygo DOES NOT offer a stone removal service unless the stone is in a prong setting. Click here to see a prong setting.
Do you buy Dental Gold?
Ezygo will buy all your Gold or Silver Crowns, Bridges, PFM’s, PFG’s, Inlays, and Caps with or without the bone or porcelain.


What are my payment options?
Ezygo adheres to a rigorous KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance policy, as and such we can pay you by Interac, or to your PayPal address, or by Company Check. Ezygo only pays by cash if requested in advance in the Toronto GTHA are when we do an on-site appraisal.
How much do you pay?
Please refer to our payout tables.
How long does it take to get an offer?
As soon as our appraisal is completed, you will receive an offer immediately. If you accept that offer before 6 pm (EST/EDT), we can make that payment to you that same day.
How long does it take to get paid?
We will pay you on the same day we complete your appraisal, and you have accepted our offer. The cut-off time for online payments is 6 pm (EST/EDT) Monday through Saturday. We are closed on Sundays.
What is Spot Price?
The Spot Price is the value right now on the markets for your precious metals.
Do I need to supply Photo ID?
In all instances, when you accept our offer we require you to submit a copy of your Government-issued photo-ID, which must match the name of the person we are paying.

Appraisal Kits

Are the Appraisal Kits Free?
Appraisal kits are totally free, and we cover the costs for shipping and insurance insurance up to $1000 for all shipments, and up to $10,000 on request.
What is included in my Appraisal Kit?
Included in your appraisal kit is:
     - Pre-paid return envelope with either Canada Post or UPS (depending on the volume of metals)
     - Enough Tamper-Proof bags to hold your items
     - Enough Bubble Mailers to protect your items
     - Instructions
How do I properly pack my precious items into my EzyKit?
To see how ezy it is to pack your EzyKit, please watch this quick video.
How will I know when you receive my Appraisal Kits?
We will notify you by email and in your member's area that we have received your appraisal kit, and you can also track your kit via UPS or in the dashboard in the member’s area
Do I need to separate my jewellery scrap by Karat?
Not at all. We will do that during the appraisal.
What if I have too many items for a Tamperproof bag?
After you give us your information, one of our customer support staff will contact you to help you choose the right method for getting your items appraised.

Shipping & Insurance

Are your postal, shipping and insurance services free?
What do I need to do to make sure my insurance coverage works for me?
We highly recommend that you take a video of you packing your items into your EzyKit, just in case our insurer requests it. Also, make sure the Tamper-Proof bag, and the bubble wrap and the UPS envelope are all properly sealed.
What is included in the Appraisal Kit?
The following is included in your appraisal kit:
     1. Return Envelope with a UPS Prepaid ExpressPost Envelope
     2. Tamperproof bag as used by the banks
     3. Bubble mailer to protect your items
     4. Instructions
How long does it take to receive your Appraisal Kit?
For calls before 1 pm (EST), you will receive your Appraisal kit overnight if you live in the Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal regions. For all other areas, expect to receive your kits in 48 hours.
How long does it take using UPS?
We get your package within 24 to 36 hours.
How do I send my items to ezygo using UPS?
For our insurance to provide coverage, you can only select one of the two following options.
To return your kit to ezygo you have two options using our pre-paid packet with tracking code:

- options a) schedule a next day pick between 9 am-7 pm at your home or office, by calling UPS direct 1-800-PICK-UPS® (1-800-742-5877) or by visiting (our staff can assist in setting up the UPS collection if needed)

- options b) drop off your package at any UPS store.

When do you use Canada Post and not UPS?
UPS doesn't cover every remote corner of Canada, so in those instances, we use Priority Postal services with Canada Post.
How long does it take using Canada Post?
     - Canada (except Ontario) = 2 days
     - Ontario = Overnight
How do I send my items to ezygo using Canada Post?
Your Appraisal kit can be posted directly at any Canada Post mail drop-off, but for our insurance to work, you will need to drop off the appraisal kit at any Canada Post centre and receive a tracking number.
I need to be paid fast. Can I ship my items to you directly myself?
Yes of course. We do not offer transit insurance for your items when you choose this method.
How much insurance does ezygo provide?
Ezygo includes 3rd party transit insurance coverage via to the value of $1000 CAD for both inbound and returned items, and up to $10,000 on request.
What does the insurance cover?
Our insurance only covers packages that have been scanned into the UPS or Canada Post systems and were lost in transit. Due to fraud, ezygo cannot be liable if packages come to us and are empty or missing contents since we have no way of knowing if they were tampered or emptied before shipping in order to try to falsy make an insurance claim for losses. Canada Post and UPS automatically cover your package up to $100 of insurance coverage, and InsurePost covers an additional $900.
How do I make sure the insurance covers my items?
In order to insure a package with InsurePost, we need to be sure the package was actually was mailed. Placing a stamp on a package or using a meter machine or using a drop off box is NOT ACCEPTABLE proof of mailing/shipping.

To receive insurance for your items when using UPS, the package needs to be scanned into the UPS systems by either the UPS driver or dropped off at a UPS location.

Canada Post
For Canada Post, we need to see that the insured package was physically placed in the mail flow. This can be a receipt from the post office with an acceptance stamp, a tracking number with an acceptance scan, a customs number with an acceptance scan, or a stamped document from the post office indicating acceptance.
Can I get extra insurance coverage?
We are happy to offer you extra coverage if required (up to $10,000 CAD) and this can be arranged with our customer care staff.
Do you pay for the return and insurance for any items if I choose to not sell to ezygo?
Ezygo covers the full cost of sending your items back to you, and we include transit insurance for the items for the same amount as our valuation.

On-Site Mobile Valuations (GTA only)

How does it work?
Ezygo provides mobile valuations in the Toronto GTA area for customers who have large amounts of precious metals to sell, and want an immediate settlement. Due to security concerns, how this process works will be coordinated with you on the day.

Important: Our insurance coverage only commences when your items have been placed into our vehicles safe.
Are there any costs for on-site valuations?
When you submit your information through our form, our customer care staff will contact you to arrange an on-site appraisal subject to you meeting our minimum threshold.
What areas do you offer on-site appraisals for?
If you have very large volumes of metals to sell, we may still be able to offer a mobile service outside of these areas. Please call our customer care staff, or complete our online form to start the process.
     - Ajax
     - Aurora
     - Barrie
     - Bowmanville
     - Brampton
     - Burlington
     - Courtice
     - East Gwillimbury
     - Etobicoke
     - Hamilton
     - King City
     - Markham
     - Mississauga
     - North York
     - Newmarket
     - Oakville
     - Oshawa
     - Pickering
     - Richmond Hill
     - Scarborough
     - Toronto
     - Downtown Toronto
     - Midtown Toronto
     - Vaughan
     - Whitby
     - Whitchurch-Stouffville
What Security Measures do you have for On-Site valuations?
     - Our staff do not carry any precious metals or cash.
     - As soon as they take possession of your items (locked in our car safes), our insurance will cover any loss or theft.
     - Vehicle Security - All our vehicles are fitted with security measures.
     - You will receive by email a photo of the person who is coming to collect your items, and that person will have a photo ID.
     - Our staff will only carry one customer's items at a time.

My Account

What is in my Dashboard?
Once you join, you will get access to a members area that includes a dashboard with:
     - Item List - Your description
     - Item List - Our confirmation
     - Video of your Valuation
     - Shipping Information
     - Collection or On-Site Valuation information
     - Your personal Information
     - Your payment information
     - Accept, Wait or Reject
Please explain what information I get about the valuations in my account?
We enter the following information for each item we appraise in our lab:
     - Our confirmation of your item descriptions
     - The weight of each item including gemstones (if any)
     - The weight of any gemstones
     - The Metal Weight (less gemstones if any)
     - The Purity of the metal/s
     - The Real-Time Spot Price for that metal
     - The Valuation of your item
What will I see in my valuation video?
Shortly after receiving your package, you will be able to witness on video the following:
     - Package inspection before opening
     - Tamper-Proof Bag inspection
     - Opening of Tamper-Proof bag
     - Verbal Review of each item, and
     - Identify & measure any Gemstones
     - Return your items into a new Tamperproof bag
Please explain what "Accept", "Wait" and "Reject" mean to my offer?
Accept our Offer
Once accepted, we will contact you for payment.

Accept our Offer (but Return Gemstones)
Once accepted, we will contact you for payment and we will then return your gemstones to you in a new TamperProof bag.

You can elect to wait until the Spot price of Gold matches your expectations (important: precious metals prices go up and down and waiting may cause any offer to be reduced).

Reject our offer
You do not want to sell your items to us, and you want us to return the items to you. We may call you first to see if we got something wrong with our offer.
If I reject your offer, are there any costs to me?
If you reject our offer, we will gladly send your items back to you at no cost.
If I reject your offer, how quickly will I get my items back?
We will send your items back to you within 24 hours of your rejection.